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Manoj Vasudevan

World Champion of Public Speaking


  • Manoj Vasudevan, World Champion of Public Speaking amongst 35,000 speakers from 142 countries.
  • Globally sought-after professional speaker, keynote speaker, master storyteller and humorist
  • Ranked among the Top-25 Standup comedians at the International Comedy Festival in Hong Kong
  • Founder of Thought Expressions and The Keynote Academy Professional Speaking Program. {Or as his clients calls him “THE MAKER OF SPEAKERS” because he believes in your ability to be a speaker no matter where you start. Manoj’s Mission is to help 20,000,000 people to get to their Next Level in Public Speaking.}
  • International author invited to speak at World's top-ranking book fairs
  • He has repeatedly been invited to appear on several media including the BBC for his views and opinions.


Don't Reinvent The Wheel. Learn From a Globally Recognised Expert

What Is Your Purpose For Speaking?

  • Is it to pursue your Passion?

  • Is it to raise your income and Profit?

  • Is it to excel in your Profession and stand out from the rest?

  • It is to live a life of joy, meaning and significance living your life Purpose?

No Worries... Whatever You Choose, We Have You Covered!


What Do Professional Speakers SAY about Manoj's coaching? (Check out below)





Fredrik Härén, CSP Global, The Global Conference Speaker Professional Speaker, Author of “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”. 

“As a professional speaker who has spoken in more than 50 countries I constantly need to improve and I need expert advice on how to become even better as a speaker. Manoj has a natural gift of seeing how you can improve as a speaker. I have asked him to review several of my speeches and have found it very valuable every time. He has made me a better speaker. He will make you a better speaker too.

Speaking For PASSION


Speaking For PROFIT



**This is not about the making money or getting rich quick, it is a demonstration of how same powerful techniques can be use for different purposes.




This is NOT another basic public speaking course.

This is NOT an online course that you will never watch.

This is NOT a program run by amateurs.


The Keynote Academy Professional Speaking Program is the globally-renowned One-Stop Shop for Professional Speaking for beginners and masters . Look no further. Check out details below and apply for admission.


Remember, this is NOT another basic public speaking course.  This is an advanced level program for gaining mastery in public speaking. Here is why:


The Keynote Academy  Professional Speaking Program (fondly known among alumni as "PSP"focusses on 9 essential areas including Excellence in Professional Speaking, (Speaking for 40 minutes+ at conferences without notes), Storytelling For Leaders (keep audience engaged, inspired and take action), Building Your Personal Brand, Building Your Online Presence, Content Excavation, Delivery, Rhetorical Techniques, effectively handling Q&A and Effective Marketing Strategies(Low Tech/Low Cost) so that people know you, acknowledge you as authority and invite you to speak.


PSP is designed to be the one-stop shop for all your Professional Speaking needs. We help you to

  • Pickup the tools, techniques, strategies and shortcuts to create a 40 minute professional speech(keynote) that can get you invites to speak at conferences
  • Design your personal brand positioning so that you get clarity on your personal brand identity and convey it quickly, with clarity and with impact.
  • Use no-cost / low-cost marketing strategies that increases your visibility in the market place so that more people know about you providing you with more opportunities
  • Discover how you can increase your credibility, visibility and authority so that more people recognise you as an expert in your domain 
  • Discover how to communicate confidently on camera without notes or slides so that you can leverage the most power tool for world-wide reach
  • There is more! After learning all tools, techniques and strategies, you might still desire some handholding in implementing what you learnt. That's okay! We want to ensure you put into practice what you learnt. That's why we provide you upto 24 months post-program support. You also get 1-on-1 coaching support that you can utilise to take our help for implementation. Did we say PSP is designed to be the one-stop shop for all your Professional Speaking needs? Yes, this level of support is the unparalleled anywhere in the world! Here is the catch: We insist that you take some action steps to ensure we only admit the most committed individuals in this program.




STEP 1Apply for the Professional Speaking Program using the application form at the bottom of this page. There is NO application fee.


STEP 2: Once you apply, you will get the invite to schedule a Discovery Session with our Program Director via Zoom/Skype. Our Program Director would like to know your needs, goals, challenges,  speaking experience based on which our team can decide your fit for this program. As we receive hundreds of applications, Only one Discovery Session is permitted per applicant. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


STEP 3: If your application is accepted, you will get an invite to register for the program by paying the required program fees for your chosen plan and you will receive the detailed schedule of next steps.


STEP 4Participate in intensive LIVE Program coached by Manoj Vasudevan:  

Given below are PSP Plans

  • PSP Silver: 6 Weekly sessions over Zoom. Attend LIVE from anywhere in the world. (New batch starting soon)
  • PSP GOLD: 6-Weekly sessions over Zoom + 6 monthly Build Your Brand mastermind sessions. Attend LIVE from anywhere in the world + Plan Bonuses.  (New batch starting soon)
  • PSP PLATINUM: 6-Weekly sessions over Zoom + 24 months mentoring support + Monthly mastermind sessions for 24 months +  1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Manoj Vasudevan. Attend LIVE from anywhere in the world. (New batch starting soon)
  • PSP VIP: Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring with Manoj Vasudevan (Current waiting time to join: 7-12 months. Apply early.)

To find out Dates of LIVE Coaching  and Investment, apply for the program using link at the bottom of this page


STEP 5: During the intensive coaching sessions,  you will be equipped with the tips, tools and techniques. You will learn how to stand out in a crowded marketplace through secrets of Speaking,, Persuading, Influencing, Branding, Marketing, Storytelling through several frameworks, strategies, systems and shortcuts. Use a proven system to Build your authentic Professional Keynote that you can use for a lifetime as a professional speaker for income and impact. Learn the step by step, move by move process to do it yourself. Be known in your domain, take the stage with confidence and share your messages for impact and income.


STEP 6Video Record your keynote presentation and send to Thought Expressions’s panel of Master Coaches for review and upgrade.


STEP 7Schedule your 1-on-1 Coaching with Manoj Vasudevan and take your keynote presentation to the Next Level. (You are eligible for 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Manoj Vasudevan. All 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions should be utilised within Six months of completing the LIVE segment. This option is only available with PSP Platinum and PSP VIP)


STEP 8: Bringing an audience for you. Practice your keynote modules in front of live audience comprising of alumni and master coach every month for Six to Twenty-Four months immediately following the LIVE segment, so that you get the platform to practice and perfect your craft. You get to share the stage with Manoj Vasudevan during these monthly sessions. (This option is only available with PSP Gold, PSP Platinum and PSP VIP)


STEP 9Join the exclusive Professional Speakers Mastermind Group, where you can ask questions and get guidance for anything related professional speaking, referrals, networking, branding or marketing so that your transformation is sustained, permanent and scalable. 


DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: As you can see the entire process for PSP is designed not to overload you with theory, but to help you to implement them with the best professional help you can get along with a process that's foolproof, time-tested and proven. Before we start, imagine how your would life be, when you are seen as a speaker, leader, influencer? Why is that important for you?

Review by some past participants of The Keynote Academy Professional Speaking Program


"Easy, Fast, Efficient... Terrific"


"Learnt to craft speech in least possible time... with the maximum impact... Empowering"


"One WORD to describe this program is KEY-riffic"


"This course is Priceless..."


"I can craft my stories and very quickly develop it into effective keynote speeches"


"Able to be more concise and deliver the punch.... FUN-tastic"




Sign Up Early. All previous programs Sold Out.


7 Unique Benefits of
The Keynote Academy Professional Speaking  Program

Here are 7 Unique Benefits You Receive With This Program

  • HIGH-IMPACT: LIVE coaching focusing on your transformation, not just dispensing information
  • PERSONAL: Small group size for personal attention and effectiveness
  • STAGGERED: followup practice to ensure your transformation
  • ACCELERATED: Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention, and transformation
  • CONVENIENT: Intensive coaching and timely expert assistance to accelerate your progress without wasting your valuable time
  • WORLD-CLASS: Coached by World's leading expert specialised in Next Level Leadership readiness and sought-after speaker/author who started from scratch
  • LIFE-LONG: Invest in skills that can reward you everyday for the rest of your life. This is one investment that can transform your career, business and life.

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